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For all of us who are left with SO MANY questions about Brittany Murphy's last hours & her death - this blog is for you to ask them and to get the attention of Sharon Murphy and her publicist Roger Neal to please ANSWER them. We no longer will be pushed away or ignored. Nor will we stand for lies and a sappy book full of UNtruths.

Brittany suffered in her last hours. She was DYING, she couldnt breathe, was in horrible pain, and neither her husband nor her mother did anything to help her until it was way too late. Even when she said "Mom.. I'm dying". It appears they were more concerned about the resulting PUBLICITY than they were saving her life by making that 911 call in time.

This is pure NEGLECT.

Brittany deserves justice. Justice is NOT being served by sweeping her death under the rug as simply an "oops - accidental death". The asst chief coroner stated that, had 911 been called even just 10 minutes sooner, Brittany would still be with us.

Her fans, the friends who cared about her, and her family (on the Bertolotti/her Father's side) need and deserve answers. If you have any questions at all to ask (via the "ask" button), or any thoughts or insight you'd like to contribute to this blog ("submit" button), please do so here. We will make SURE this gets seen by the ones who have the answers!


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3 years ago

Correspondence With Roger Neal

Mr Neal handles (or purports to handle) public relations for Sharon Murphy and The Brittany Murphy Foundation. He calls his twitter account imakestars - a perusal of his client list would suggest this to be a bold claim. It is unclear how much of his time he devotes to his clients’ interests - the most high-profile part of his business seems to be organising gift suites for award ceremonies and there is no mention on his PR website (which incidentally shares a Yahoo email address and phone number with this site) or twitter profile of his parallel career as a gospel singer. Certainly he does not seem to be in regular contact with Sharon as he was unable to give me an immediate answer as to the progress of her book, despite the fact that it is, I would imagine, the only reason why she would need a publicist. Some might speculate whether Sharon is indeed his client, and if she is whether the foundation consists merely of the two of them. His hubris seems reminiscent of the delusions of grandeur exhibited by his former client the late Simon Monjack, who initially set up The Brittany Murphy Foundation amid some controversy

I invite you to read the twitter exchanges here and the following record of my email exchanges with him. My words are bold, his plain.

I emailed the foundation a few days ago but didn’t get any reply. I asked who is actually heading it and determining where exactly the money would go. I’d also like to know if you have a date for the publication of Sharon’s book. 

Who are you and whats your interest?

 Questions are invited from potential donors on the foundation website - just exercising due diligence. As regards the book, again I’m just curious as a consumer.  

Any information would be released to the media at the appropriate time 


We can conduct public discussion with or without your participation, however I would have thought that as Sharon’s publicist you would have wished to take part.

You must realise that we have documents recording Angelo Bertolotti as Brittany’s father, photographs of him showing the physical resemblance and of the two of them together when Brittany was an infant. At no time as far as I am aware has Sharon mentioned anyone else as being Brittany’s father, it was merely the case that Mr Bertolotti’s name was left off the death certificate. This has now been corrected. I urge you not to put your credibility at risk with further responses like your recent tweets.

I have to assume from your evasive attitude that the book project has been abandoned, but if it hasn’t and you are continuing to represent Sharon, I invite your response to the questions and observations at http://justiceforbrittany.tumblr.com

Not sure who you are I would believe the women who had her over anyone else and the women who lived with her her entire life legs (sic) not be silly not sure why you cannot accept the truth

Having been in pr for 30 years in Hollywood I am one of the few publicists that actually take time to deal with the media so not sure what your comments mean I have given you all that I can right now who are you and what’s your media affiliation? With your combatitive attitude I have to believe your either not legit or your friends with the guys saying they are brittanys brother and dad which according to Sharon are bogus that’s all I know

I’m a friend of a friend of Angelo Bertolotti, but I only became such as a result of studying the life and death of Brittany Murphy. All my opinions I can assure you are based on meticulous research. 

Do you want me to send you the documents?

No. Need to. I already know the truth 

OK, do you have any objection to my sharing this conversation with the media?

Please do not bother me anymore all. Exchanges are going to her attorney

Roger Neal

For those of you who would like to see the documents, please follow these links…

Birth Cerificate , Death Certificate , Amendment To Death Certificate

[EDIT 28 Sep 2011- The above liks are now invalid, but the story was eventually reported by TMZ

Photographs of Brittany with her father can be found here

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