Brittany Murphy's autopsy report ascribed her death to community-acquired pneumonia, but tests carried out by two laboratories revealed high levels of heavy metals such as are found in pesticides, and point to possible criminal intent. We believe therefore that the case warrants further investigation, whereas the LA County Department of Coroner stands by its ruling and refuses to carry out its own poison test. Please support us in helping Brittany's father to achieve justice for his daughter. A petition can be found here

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1 year ago | 15 notes

Who wants to donate to the “Lining Sharon Murphy’s Pockets With Cash” foundation?! You can do so by clicking HERE: 


Brittany Murphy’s oh-so-loving mother Sharon has put a goodly amount of Britt’s personal belongings up for auction. NOT for a foundation or charity. Just simply because her mom wants to relieve herself of the burden of all her daughters personal effects and would rather have the $$$$. 

Profiting off her daughter’s death.

Was Brittany’s father contacted? Was he asked if he’d like anything of his daughter’s? Was he even CONSIDERED? The answer is a big fat NO. 

Why don’t Brittany’s friends or family members have any of this stuff? Did Sharon hog it all, to sell?

What mother sells her daughter’s passport, for cash? What mother sells her daughter’s “key to the city” (for her hometown Edison NJ)? 


You can email the auction house, to voice your opinion, here. This way, we are confident it will at least get back to Sharon.