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For all of us who are left with SO MANY questions about Brittany Murphy's last hours & her death - this blog is for you to ask them and to get the attention of Sharon Murphy and her publicist Roger Neal to please ANSWER them. We no longer will be pushed away or ignored. Nor will we stand for lies and a sappy book full of UNtruths.

Brittany suffered in her last hours. She was DYING, she couldnt breathe, was in horrible pain, and neither her husband nor her mother did anything to help her until it was way too late. Even when she said "Mom.. I'm dying". It appears they were more concerned about the resulting PUBLICITY than they were saving her life by making that 911 call in time.

This is pure NEGLECT.

Brittany deserves justice. Justice is NOT being served by sweeping her death under the rug as simply an "oops - accidental death". The asst chief coroner stated that, had 911 been called even just 10 minutes sooner, Brittany would still be with us.

Her fans, the friends who cared about her, and her family (on the Bertolotti/her Father's side) need and deserve answers. If you have any questions at all to ask (via the "ask" button), or any thoughts or insight you'd like to contribute to this blog ("submit" button), please do so here. We will make SURE this gets seen by the ones who have the answers!


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Exclusive: Brittany Murphy’s father suspects Sharon Murphy of double homicide

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Sharon Murphy Finally Speaks

Finally, after considerable prompting, Sharon Murphy has broken her silence in an open letter to the Hollywood Reporter. Her choice of that publication may have been influenced by the fact that its “Senior Editor and Show Business Historian” Alex Ben Block is a friend of hers. I think it reasonable to suppose that this letter was in fact ghostwritten by him, as it shows a command of English not hitherto demonstrated by Sharon.

Alas Sharon does not explain why she delayed in summoning medical attention in both Brittany's and Simon's cases, but rather launches an ad hominem attack against Brittany's father, making the obviously spurious claim that his request for further enquiries into the death of his daughter constitutes a slur against Brittany. Angelo has in fact challenged slurs against her while Sharon has been in hiding - surfacing only to launch an opportunist law suit and sell Brittany’s belongings, including her passport. 

Sharon has at least dropped the claim that Angelo is not Brittany’s father, revealed in a series of tweets in 2011, by her then-publicist Roger Neal…


Presumably Sharon’s denial of Angelo’s paternity was done for fear that  he might have some claim on Brittany’s estate.

While she now acknowledges Angelo’s paternity, she claims that he was never part of Brittany’s life - despite evidence to the contrary, and bizarrely, castigates him for not being present during his incarceration.

She accuses Angelo of being motivated by profit, despite the fact that his efforts in seeking justice have left him out of pocket, and that he never took any money from Brittany or otherwise exploited his connection to her. Sharon, on the other hand, has relied on Brittany or her estate for an income for some twenty years.

She slurs Angelo as unfit to run a foundation in Brittany’s name, despite her own being controversial throughout its brief existence. Angelo’s foundation is not yet appealing for donations, unlike Sharon’s, which gave no contact details or information as to how the money would be spent.

This article by Julia Davis has been updated to include Angelo’s response to Sharon’s letter.

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Brittany Murphy’s death should be re-examined, experts say

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"No Comment" - Alex Ben Block

When we started this blog, it’s primary purpose was to highlight the negligence of Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack in not summoning medical attention for Brittany at a point at which she was no longer able to call for herself, and after she had spoken the words “Mom, I’m dying”. I think I can speak for my fellow contributors in saying that none of us seriously considered the possibility of foul play. Nevertheless it has to be acknowledged that it is some considerable time since anything has been heard of Sharon Murphy, while a legal case is proceding calling for the release of samples of Brittany’s hair for independent testing. Are the two matters related, does Sharon fear that she might be incriminated? If the demand for the hair samples is unsuccessful, exhumation is a possibility. Is it really possible that any mother, let alone one known to be as close to her daughter as was Sharon Murphy, would not want to come forward and make her opinion known on the subject? When the blog started, Sharon was employing Roger Neal as her publicist - he has long since dropped her as a client, and gave false contact details for her upon his departure. The only representative Sharon appears to have now is her friend Alex Ben Block, who has written articles supporting her interest while at times not mentioning their acquaintance. While he has answered my emails, he has not seen fit to offer any comment in response to the questions below… (Block’s quotes are taken from The Final Difficult Days of Brittany Murphy )

Q Your article states that Brittany was reluctant to seek medical aid due to fears of bad publicity - why do you think Sharon failed to summon medical aid in Simon’s case as well? His bad reputation was by that stage well-known, and no reports of ill health could possibly have made his job prospects any worse.

Q How is it possible that you have repaired your friendship with Sharon after her angry reponse to the article? When did you last have contact with her? And if you have spoken to her recently, did you discuss the possible exhumation? Does she fear arrest and is that why she is in hiding?

"As it turned out, it was where Brittany and Simon were to die, in surprisingly similar ways, only five months apart."

Q Why “surprisingly”? It would only be surprising if their deaths were unrelated to lifestyle factors.
What do you think of the suggestion that Brittany might have been murdered?

"I first met Simon shortly after their marriage, when Brittany brought him to our house in Encino for Father’s Day 2007. Simon led the conversation, played piano and went outside to smoke a cigar, which Brittany hurried to light. Simon told us they had to take extreme security precautions because they were under surveillance by helicopters and their phone was bugged.

Q Do you expect us to believe that Simon did not return to the subject of the surveillance when you interviewed him after Brittany’s death? Was Brittany present when Simon mentioned surveillance? If not, why did you not mention the subject to her, surely you must have wondered if she shared this “delusion”?

"Simon, as many of Brittany’s family members and friends came to believe, had created a web of paranoia around Brittany and used it to separate her from anyone who might have challenged his dominance
Q Does that include you? Does your opinion of Simon differ from your daughter Hayley’s? She had dinner with him shortly after Brittany’s death, and was also involved in the Brittany Murphy Foundation. You, however, describe him as a sociopath who lied to you about his past.

"Simon’s health, meanwhile, took a sudden turn for the worse in the second year of their marriage after he fell off a ladder during a photo shoot in Los Angeles. That apparently started his seizures, which he also told me were tied to brain tumors.

Q So do you believe that Simon was, as he claimed, a professional photographer? Why has none of his commercial work surfaced, including the alleged first picture of Brittany to appear in a magazine? Do you believe the ladder story, rather than that Simon’s seizures began as a result of being beaten while in ICE custody?

Q Why will you not repeat publicly your private denial to me that you told Julia Davis and Angelo Bertolotti that you have taped interviews with Simon Monjack in which he discussed surveillance of himself and Brittany? Have you been pressured into keeping quiet on the subject of the Davis case since you attended a screening of “The Terror Within”?

Q Why did your employer The Hollywood Reporter refuse to hand the tapes over, rather than deny their existence?

alex.benblock@thr.com http://twitter.com/abblock



2 years ago | 2 notes

Response to Alex Ben Block Hollywood Reporter Article

#brittanymurphy: I posted a response to Alex Ben Block’s Hollywood Reporter article  in its comments section - several hours later it was deleted. I’ve had to reconstruct it as the original didn’t save correctly, but what follows makes all the same points in the same tone as the original. Certainly there was no profanity or any kind of insult unless one counts questioning Block’s competence and integrity as a journalist, which I believe is justified in light of the evidence. As I have more space here, I have decided to expand the original post, quoting text from the article as I go…. 

"Dear Randy, I appreciate your note and attention to my article this week. I am certainly not the publicist for Sharon Murphy although she is a friend of mine." 

That was Alex Ben Block’s reply to me in an email referring to an earlier article. I urge readers of this latest article to bear in mind its disingenuousness regarding Block’s friendship with Sharon Murphy.

So, quoting from and dealing with the article’s points…  

"Angelo Bertolotti, who says he is the late actress Brittany Murphy’s biological father"

As opposed to what other kind of father? Brittany was not adopted, neither did Sharon remarry. It seems that Block is joining the eccentric Roger Neal in repeating Sharon’s bizarre assertion that Angelo Bertolotti is not Brittany’s father. Neal is clearly a ludicrous figure, but Block does have a reputation as a serious journalist which I urge him to consider. Angelo is now officially recognized as Brittany’s father on her birth and death certificates, and his name appears on her 2007 will. Their physical resemblance is especially evident in childhood pictures…




…and letters can be found here which clearly imply that Sharon’s sister recognizes Angelo as Brittany’s father.  

Note also…




Sharon’s handwriting, with Brittany adding her own name http://twitpic.com/4deyjw

Block quotes…

“Due to the lack of investigative efforts by the Los Angeles Police Department,” says the lawsuit filed Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court, “and the failure to conduct toxicology tests on the specimens” of her hair, Bertolotti believes that “his daughter’s death was incorrectly determined to have been allegedly caused by pneumonia and anemia.”

There are two elements of spin here. First Block uses the term “lawsuit” to imply to an unintelligent audience that Angelo is seeking financial redress whereas in fact he is demanding a course of action - namely that Brittany’s hair samples be tested. Secondly, with this later statement…

Bertolotti says that tests of her hair may show evidence from the toxic mold and that may have been a cause of her death.

…he claims that Angelo supports Sharon’s mold claim (her case absolutely IS financial opportunism incidentally). I challenge Block to produce a direct quote from Angelo in which he alleges Brittany died as a result of toxic mold.

"Sharon Murphy and Bertolotti do not communicate with each other and have not for some years, despite efforts by Bertolotti to do so."

As Block is in communication with Sharon, he is complicit in obstructing Angelo’s attempts to contact her.

"On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Sharon Murphy said she had no comment, and a call to her lawyers for comment was not returned."

Since the departure of Roger Neal, the only spokesperson Sharon has is Block himself.

"Sources close to Sharon Murphy say for years prior to her daughter’s passing she discouraged her from having a relationship with Bertolotti,"

So Block’s sources acknowledge that Angelo was unfairly excluded from Brittany’s life. 

"and more recently she has raised doubts about whether he is even really Brittany’s biological father, as he adamantly claims." 

And as has been officially recognized, as previously discussed. Why won’t Sharon name Brittany’s father, if he is not Angelo? First she told Roger Neal that the mystery man was dead, then that he was alive but not Angelo.

"Bertolotti has said previously that he was a mobster connected to a New York area crime family earlier in his life and served about 12 years in prison for a variety of charges (all after Brittany was born). 

I infer that Block is intending to imply that Sharon was ignorant of Angelo’s background when they met - that is false, she was well acquainted with his family.

"He has said he is now a law-abiding citizen."

A credible assertion. There has been no charge in recent decades against a man who would obviously be the subject of FBI scrutiny.

"In 2003, the Sun newspaper in London reported: “(Bertolotti) was found guilty of racketeering, being involved in organized crime and was also convicted of a counterfeiting scam. Bertolotti spent three stretches at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta in a criminal career said to cover 20 years.”

This is the article to which block refers. The Sun is Britain’s leading tabloid newspaper, and is owned by News International, the British division of Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp. News International’s abysmally low journalistic standards were the dominant story of 2011 in Britain, leading to the closure of one of its titles and a parliamentary inquiry which is ongoing. Nobody has ever denied Angelo’s criminal record, but it is worth noting that the tabloid phrase “a source said” translates as “we just made it up”. Ask yourself how the writer could have gained access to a genuine source other than by going through Brittany’s handlers, who would gladly add official authenticity if they were so authorized by her. A celebrity who feels animosity toward a parent will gladly allow a story to that effect in order to punish them, and at the same time generate always-important tabloid publicity. The reason this did not occur in the case of Brittany and Angelo is that there was no such animosity. The shoddiness of the Sun article is illustrated by the writer’s inability even to report even Angelo’s age correctly (as is the case with Block’s article). Note also that Brittany is described as dating Ashton “Hunker”. Citing this laughably inept article does nothing to enhance the credibility of Block’s.

"While he saw Brittany briefly over the years after she moved to Los Angeles as a teenager, says a source, he was not a factor in her life and none of her close friends in L.A. ever met him." "Bertolotti has said that he did not see Murphy at all after she married Monjack in 2007"

That source being Sharon Murphy no doubt. Despite presenting himself as being like a father to Brittany, Block admits in this article that he himself did not see her much after she got married. Brittany and Simon became reclusive and few people saw them except when Brittany was working. Block also has not met close friends of hers - despite his living locally, whereas Angelo lived in Florida before her death. Does anyone necessarily meet family members’ friends anyway?   

"After her death, Bertolotti took legal action to force the coroner to put his name on her death certificate as her father. That was done without the agreement of Sharon Murphy."

What possible relevance does Sharon’s agreement have to do with the fact of paternity? Obviously she was against recognizing Angelo as Brittany’s father, or she would not have given instruction that he name be left off the death certificate in the first place. And there was no force involved, it was simply or matter of producing documents and paying an administrative fee.

"Since her death, Bertolotti has been vocal about his unhappiness about being denied access to her funeral and not being consulted about other matters. He has made his unhappiness public in a series of media interviews"  

The only interview of which I know concerns his being denied subsequent access to the grave, not to the funeral.

"In recent months, Bertolotti, now in his 70’s, has re-located to Southern California and taken up the cause of Brittany’s death. He has announced plans to write a book called Britt about her life to be co-authored by Julia Davis, a screenwriter who formerly worked for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security."

As with the Sun interview, Block does his credibility no favors by failing to research even simple facts like Angelo’s age. This can easily be found online (entry #5) 

"Davis and her husband last year produced a documentary that has yet to be distributed called The Terror Within in which she recounts being forced out of her government job by unnamed officials in Homeland Security. She says she was fired because she was a whistleblower who found out that the U.S.-Mexican border was not being properly guarded."

Here we have a contradiction - Julia was both forced out of her job AND fired. The first statement is true. She has repeatedly named Jeffrey Deal and Herbert Kaufer http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=jeffrey+Deal+herbert+kaufer http://youtu.be/tyGhD_1mikU. Block must have fallen asleep when he attended a screening of the film.

NOTE:Since I posted the original comment, a new press release has been issued which contains many other names. I would add to its criticism of Block’s deliberate silence by stating that I regard Hayley Taylor, Eric Balfour, Haylie Langseth, Ashley Johnson and Kathy Najimy to be equally guilty in this regard. I will happily correct this if they assure me otherwise.

"She also says in the documentary that through a connection involving Brittany Murphy, while she was still alive, Homeland Security also harassed the actress and her husband. However, Davis has not been able to come up with any solid evidence to back up her claims about Murphy."

That implies that Block DOES accept Julia’s evidence with regard to herself - hardly surprising, as it is supported by federal judgement. Since we have evidence that Julia was pursued by Kaufer and Deal as a result of a grievance, and bearing in mind that they attempted a marriage fraud prosecution against her (a naturalized U.S. citizen), it obviously becomes highly credible that Brittany and her British-born husband would be similarly targeted as a means to punish her for refuting the charge against Julia. Thus it is not tenable for anyone who claims to have been a friend of Brittany’s to ignore “The Terror Within” - either they must support it or condemn it for exploiting Brittany’s name for publicity. Furthermore, Julia has alleged here, that Block is in possession of taped interviews with Brittany and simon in which they recount being surveilled. He has failed to respond to this allegation both publicly and in his email replies to me, I am therefore forced to asume that he does indeed have such tapes and is withholding them for some unknown motive.  

"Last year, when this first came, up a Homeland Security spokesman denied the charges by Davis and raised questions about her credibility"

Hardly surprising on both counts, although I would like to know where Block obtained this alleged DHS statement. What does “when this first came up mean”? I wasn’t aware of any previous investigation of the matter by Block. He referred to Simon Monjack’s surveillance claim in this article, but did not name the DHS as being responsible. 

A call to Davis and Bertolotti on Wednesday at a number on the lawsuit  was not returned. A cell phone used by Bertolotti in recent months is no longer accepting calls.

This is laughably disingenous considering that Block has Angelo’s email address and the two are mutual Twitter followers.

To sum up: The article was prompted by Angelo and Julia’s statement, and is simply a PR statement on behalf of Sharon Murphy, masquerading as journalism. To allow itself to be used in this way does the Hollywood Reporter no credit.

2 years ago

Warning: Brittany Murphy Foundation


The foundation’s website states…

THE BRITTANY MURPHY FOUNDATION is a 501c3 Non-profit organization that was created by Brittany Murphy to fulfill her dream of making sure that any child who wants to learn the arts be it music,arts,composing,acting,dancing,or wanting to learn to play an instrument and cannot financially afford it will be able to do so through the BMF and the top professionals that will be volunteering to teach.

In fact, the foundation was established after Brittany’s death by Sharon Murphy, Simon Monjack and Roger Neal. It would seem likely, given his reported comment at 2:15 in this video (he has not challenged the report) that Roger Neal was it’s prime architect. Certainly Neal answered an email to it on the only occasion of which I know when an email was answered at all. I myself received no reply to any of the emails I sent to the foundation, but was at one stage corresponding with Neal via his personal email address. He told me that he was handling correspondence and forwarding it to Sharon as she had no email address. Shortly after that he resigned as publicist for Sharon personally and for the foundation. I advise anyone to demand evidence as to how their money will be spent when considering a donation.

3 years ago | 1 note

Roger Neal Website Update

#brittanymurphy Roger Neal has finally moved Sharon Murphy and The Brittany Murphy Foundation to his former clients list on his website, so it must be acknowledged that he no longer represents them, if indeed he ever really did.  

3 years ago | 1 note

Roger Neal Resigns as Publicist

Roger Neal has advised that he no longer represents Sharon Murphy and the Brittany Murphy Foundation, although at the time of this post his website has not been updated to this effect. He has also mentioned an email address which would seem to be that of her publisher and cited this as being Sharon’s Twitter account although I would suggest caution in accepting this as fact.

3 years ago | 1 note

Further Correspondence With Roger Neal

Two emails of 26 March 2011

First my reply to his earlier email - my words bold , his plain (and unedited) … 

I spoke with Sharon Murphy tonight, first brittanys real dad is not dead as was told me before, so that is now corrected, 

Inevitably it detracts from Sharon’s credibility if she changes her story 

second, she said bertolotti is not  britts real dad and he knows it even thhough she says his name is on the brith document he is not the real dad she said a blood test was done to prove that, she said he knows he is not britts dad 

Why hasn’t Sharon said this publicly? 

Why didn’t she challenge Mr Bertolotti to take a DNA test? 

Does the “real father” know that he is - why hasn’t he come forward? 

Why does Mr Bertolotti claim to be Britt’s father when he kept such a low profile during her life and has remained relatively quiet since her death - surely the only possible motive for making such a [false] claim would be recognition?

Like I said before, I don’t know Mr Bertolotti , I’m a member of the public who has arrived at his opinions based on available evidence. If Sharon wants to influence public opinion, she needs to be more open.   

, third, this bertolotti called my number tonight and left a threatning message on my phone I have turned it over to the police, FBI and the attorneys, I by the way worked for Preisdent Bush Sr when he was President, FYI to whomever is reading this. if your bertolottis friend you should advise him to not leave threatning messages on a pr persons phone, if he has a problem take it up with sharon murphys attorney not me. 

Obviously I can’t comment on what he may or may not have said. I don’t know the guy and have no contact with him. I don’t represent him and my question regarding Sharon’s book genuinely was as a member of the public. You still haven’t responded with an approximate publication date which inevitably leads me to believe that the project has been scrapped  

Finally the second email, his reply to the above… 

I have nothing further to say

In view of the fact that her publicist refuses to speak about her, the book project has evidently been abandoned and she is obviously in some financial distress, I would advise Sharon to disavail herself of Mr Neal’s “services”.

I would remind Mr Neal that unlike him Mr Bertolotti is open to communication via his official twitter account http://twitter.com/Brittany33Bday and ask readers to treat Mr Neal’s version of events with due skepticism  

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